Should have been in Brazil, but we're not

Well, so far our time here has been very enjoyable. We had quality time with friends and just spent time relaxing.

We'd planned to get the coach to Foz do Iguacu last night, by now we should have been in Brazil, but we're not. We were actually sitting in our seats on the bus when other passengers arrived with the same seat numbers. The driver checked our tickets and told us our tickets were for the day before! It was a midnight service, 12.15 am, and we'd asked for the Monday midnight bus, but we're sold the Monday morning tickets - confusion reigned. So we had to get off the bus with crying children and were abandonded in a freezing terminal. They offered to sell us tickets for the 1.30 am bus to Cuidad del Este (the wild west style city full of contraband) , we didn't fancy that.

We taxied home and had a bit of a sleepless night. So we're back at school waiting to see if they will transfer us onto a lunchtime bus instead. We shall see.


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