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Parishioners from Down and Dromore Diocese #SpeakUp

Press release - Parishioners from Down and Dromore Diocese will join with Bishop Harold Miller to ‘speak up’ for the people, places and things they love that will be impacted by climate change. They have planned a nature walk in association with the Climate Coalition on Saturday 8 October to let David Simpson MP know they care for creation. The organiser, Stephen Trew from Magheralin Parish said, “In recent years we have seen severe weather impact across the island of Ireland, such as the flooding last winter. Climate change is starting to be felt right here. On the news there are tens of thousands of refugees escaping countries hit by drought, failing harvests, hunger and conflict. We need to take action quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to protect the things we love – from habitats in a local nature reserve, to farms in Africa that are suffering crop stress due to a changing climate. This nature walk is a chance for people to let our MP know we care about climate change.”