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The Trews have landed

Hello!! We have arrived online eventually!!! Life in Paraguay definitely does not move in the fast lane, although we are now up and running after a difficult call to technical support in Spanish. (Aren't you impressed!!!) We arrived safely last Wednesday after an extremely long journey - about 38 hours. Thankfully Elijah slept for a good bit although it was difficult for us to rest with him balancing on our knees. We had a 10 hour stopover in Miami which was bad because it was the middle of the night for us but only afternoon for them. We had got Elijah over to sleep when a very rude security woman insisted we lift him out of the pram so she could push it through the gate. He then promptly woke up and we were very cross. Enough about grumpy officials!! The principal of the school was at Ascuncion to meet us which was just as well because we were so tired we could hardly even see let alone negotiate or bribe foreign customs in a language we couldn't speak. We actually managed