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Anniversary Photos

The chaco trip was great. It was amazing to see a church in so remote a part of the world celebrate 100 years. The old man in the first photo is holding a 1911 Bible in Exlet. This version is incomplete and is being revised by a SAMS mission partner - Tim Curtis. The inside of Makxawaya church was decorated with baloons and tinsel(!). It was good to see many of the local community turned up to celebrate this special service.  

Makxawaya church


100th anniversary of the Anglican church in Paraguay

Next Sunday sees the 100th anniversary of the first Anglican church in Paraguay. Special services will be held in the remote village of Makxawaya in the Paraguayan Chaco. At 4:30 in the morning we'll be catching the bus for the 5 hour journey to the middle of nowhere! There'll be a church service and a barbecue lunch. Then it's back on the bus for another 5 hour journey home. Should be very interesting. Some photos hopefully next week.

Photos of the prayer room

Here are some photos of the prayer room used for the 24-7 Prayer. The first is the lower floor with a comfortable chair and world map, and the other is the prayer wall - were everyone could be creative in their prayers. Update - the 24-7 prayer was amazing! We carried on for 2 full weeks of solid prayer 24 hours a day. This is very worthwhile doing in your church.