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Our shipping arrived today, after a very lengthy wait. So far nothing is damaged and everything has made it. The children are very excited at seeing their favourite toys and books. We found it all a bit emotional, realising I think that this chapter has finally closed. Unpacking all our bits and pieces and remembering where they were in our home in Paraguay made for a tearful afternoon. Tomorrow is tidying it all away day, changing plugs on Paraguayan light fittings and hammering nails for our pictures. On a different note Stephen will be staying on with SAMS until June so that is a real blessing for us all.

Shipping arrived!

The shipping company rang last week to say our stuff has arrived in Belfast and is now awaiting customs clearance. It should arrive this week. This was after it had been lost at sea for about a month. We were told it was stuck in a backwater port in Argentina, but it seems this was misinformation. So we're looking forward to some unpacking this week!!