Return to Paraguay

Almost 3 years to the day we've returned to Paraguay for a holiday. Back to St. Andrew's College where we worked for almost 8 years.

Just two hours after arriving we cheered on Paraguay in the quarter final of the world cup. The excitement of penalties mixed with the bang of fire crackers from the neighbours meant we'll not forget it quickly.

Yesterday we enjoyed a service in the English chapel. And had a lovely afternoon watching the St Andrew's female teachers team thrash two other school teams! The women here would run rings round half the professional teams back home. It was so good just to sit with old Paraguayan friends, relax and catch up.

Today was the first day back in school. The kids were a bit nervous at first as they have lost most of their Spanish, but their friends are so kind and helped them settle back in really quickly. They had a really good day being back with their classes. Eil and I spent the whole day just chatting with staff and close friends we have not seen for three years. The school is such a special place with wonderful atmosphere; somewhere God is at work.


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