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Paraguay out of the world cup

Sweden 1 -0 Paraguay.  We are out of the world cup.   Very subdued atmosphere here, everyone hoped they would do better. 

June 2006 TrewsNews Prayer letter

Our latest prayer letter has just been put online. We appreciate your prayers for our work in Asuncion. Please print it out and stick it on your prayer fridge. You can click on image below to download it in PDF format.

World Cup photos - 10 June

The Paraguay v England match on Saturday saw everyone glued to their televisions. The Paraguayans were dissapointed they did not at least draw with England as they played well in the second half. The English were dissapointed they did not play better. On Friday we took a photo and sent it to the BBC World Cup website. They published it : BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Your World Cup photos - 10 June

World Cup starts

At this moment the students are all in the assembly hall watching the start of of the World Cup 2006. Excitement is building here as tomorrow sees the England vs Paraguay match. Paraguayans are totally mad about football - the shopping centres will be packed with people watching it on the big screen. The BBC are in town and a number of English friends will likely be on Match of the Day tonight, they like to film the ex-pats abroad. I'll post some photos when I get a chance.