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The Final Countdown

The Dengue Epidemic is fading but the mosquito blighters are still around. There were 27,000 cases in total. Our thoughts are now turning to returning home in July. We are leaving Paraguay after almost eight years. During Easter we spent days sorting out and seeing what we wanted to ship home and what we can give away. Our spare room is starting to fill with a few memories of our time in Paraguay. It is hard to believe that so much time has gone by and a this chapter in our lives is closing. We are not 10 weeks away from our return date. We continue working as normal, although the future of services in St. Andrew's English speaking church is in the balance. If there are no other leaders able to take on the planning, playing, leading and speaking then St. Andrew's will join with the Spanish congregation next door. Another girl from Northern Ireland is coming out in July and will take on Stephen's Maths teaching role and possibly his IT teaching too. The School dir