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In three weeks time we should be sitting in sunny Asuncion. Sunny, hot and humid. A couple of weeks ago the temperature hit 39C, and its due to get hotter. At the moment we are sitting in a friend's flat surrounded by boxes, suitcases and lots of odd socks. Many of our socks got separated from each other in the move out of our house, now we are trying to help them find each other! As the last three weeks close in the nervous excitement is building. Stronger than ever now is the feeling that we are going down the path that God has shown us. The sadness of leaving home is stronger than ever too. The next time we are in our own church will be our last. There is still so much to do, your prayers are absolutely vital over the next few weeks. Thank you so much for your prayers and support, we really could not be doing with without you. E-PRAYER LETTER ONLINE Every month we shall attempt to produce an electronic newsletter for you in email and web page form. The address for the pray