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Greta Thunberg should win the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019

Today, hundreds of thousands of children are marching for a better future. They want immediate action on climate change and they understand how radical a change that needs to be.  The movement was started by a lone voice - Greta Thunberg - a sixteen-year-old from Sweden. She started the #Fridays4Future movement by leaving school each Friday to stand outside the parliament in Stockholm with a sign calling for climate action. I proposed that she should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Price in February and just this week it was announced she was one of the nominees. If public pressure rises then she will win this prize - let's make it happen. Dear Nobel Committee, I’d like to nominate Greta Thurnberg for the Nobel Peace Prize 2019. Her #schoolstrike4climate action will save millions of lives and reduce the suffering of millions more. @GretaThunberg @NobelPrize #Fridays4Future #climatestrikes #NobelPeacePrize — Stephen Trew (@stephentrew) Feb