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Time to 'Get Serious'

The General Synod of the Anglican church in Australia has called on its government to ‘get serious’ about climate change. The proposer of the motion, the Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt, Dean of St John’s Cathedral Brisbane, said the federal government should deepen its commitment to the Paris Agreement of 2015. The motion called for the following actions: For the Federal Government to act with a deepened sense of urgency to develop policies and practices that would allow Australia to achieve the reductions in carbon pollution it committed to at the Paris Climate talks in 2015. For the Church to get its own house in order by actively seeking to reduce its carbon footprint and the footprint generated by its investment portfolios.  For the Church to more fully take its place in the public square and to be a more active participant in the Climate Change debate. And for the church to bring to bear the rich resources it possesses such as its theology of the environment in the Climate