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Link church visit

We're in the middle of two weeks winter holiday. Long overdue as the last term in school was 15 weeks without a break! Despite the holiday last week was one of 7am rises - because the landlord is repairing the leaky roof. Our prayers are answered. Hopefully our trouble with housing is over. Also this week we have a team visiting from a link church - Knockbreda Parish in Belfast. Eighteen months ago when we visited them we told them of opportunities to visit Pararguay and work with the church here. So they decided to send a team out. They are restoring a church building on the outskirts of the city and have come to see where we work. They came to church today and helped take the service. It's really great to have people from home to spend time with. We're hoping to get out to them this week and see what they have been up to. Here are some photos. Building work at an Anglican church in Zeballous Cue   The children's club Children's club.

Students pray for school

Today during assembly we challenged the students to 'Choose today who you will serve' Josh 24:15. We asked them to decide to commit themselves to follow Christ and for it to make a difference to their lives in school. We asked those who wanted to commit more to Christ to come and pray in the school patio at 1:30 during lunch time. Thirty students from several classes came along and we all prayed for each other and for the school. They want to keep praying every Friday for the school and teachers. This was an amazingly encouraging and exciting development! Some of the other teachers said we may be breaking new ground.