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Winter arrives

In the southern hemisphere winter is from April to September, and don't we know it today! It's absolutely freezing! Actually its not, it's 14C but with a stiff wind making it feel about 6C. But when it was 36C last Thursday it feels really cold. So we are all in our winter woollies and the blankets are coming out for the beds tonight. It's also the season for colds and sniffles. Hannah was off 3 days last week with a fever. Then on Friday she came out in spots and we were sure it was Measles. So we whisked her off to the doctor but it tuned out to be just the virus she had coming out in spots with the heat. They have quickly gone with the wind, the freezing breeze. The next day, Saturday, Elijah was at the doctor with an ear infection. Then yesterday I lost my voice. I'm so croaky now I should be a bar maid in Corrination Street. I'm just about to go into 9th year maths, the loudest class in the school. So a wee test was just photocopied

Alpha Course

We have had significant interest in the Alpha Course recently. So much so that we are going to start another within a couple of weeks. So pray for people to come and make committments over the next three months.

TrewsNews - April 2005

Our latest prayer letter was sent out today. You can print it off and stick it up on your prayer fridge. We went to a local shopping centre this afternoon only to find it in darkness and all the shops shut. There was a power cut as a transformer in a street nearby had exploded. All the street lights around were in total darkness. Power cuts like this are not infrequent. Last year there was an outage that cut power to the entire country for about 4 hours. Also phoned the dermatologist today, but he does not have the liquid nitrogen to remove the skin cancer. Delayed for 2 weeks.