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President passes by

I realized today that the president of Paraguay, Nicanor Duarte, drives past our house everyday. I was walking to school this morning for our Monday early prayer meeting, at 6.45am, when he drove past in his cavalcade. Ten minutes later the troops in uniform, flak jackets and rifles are picked up by a cattle truck style toop carrier. As he passes so often I'll have to start waving. It's also commendable the time he starts work everyday.

Eileen's mum in hospital

Eileen's mum was admitted to hospital yesterday with a possible stroke. Please pray for family back in Northern Ireland and us here in Asuncion. We are awaiting results of a brain scan to confirm diagnosis.

Remembrance Sunday Service

The Remembrance Sunday Service went really well. It is one of the most popular Sunday services here as many expats see it still connects them to the UK. Some of them with long ties to St. Andrew's church had family members from Paraguay who fought and died for the British in the Second World War. Having so many visitors it gives us a chance to reach out and welcome those who do not normally come to church. For the first time in 5 years the weather was good, we did not have torrential rain. We were able to have refreshments and chat outside in the sunshine.

Child minder's last day

After six years of looking after our children Diana is moving on. Friday was her last day with our kids. She started looking after Elijah when he was a baby of just 8 months and has been with us almost every day we have been here in Paraguay. She helped Eileen when little Hannah was born, and has really been a part of the family that we love and trust over the years. Diana has just got a full time job to give her office experience while she continues her faculty course in Administration. From next February both children will be in school a full day. Both children are growing up...

Exams and the end of the year

November sees exam time in St. Andrew's College AsunciĆ³n. In secondary the students are in the middle of their international GCSEs and primary exams start on Friday. Elijah is busy revising, and he is only in 1st grade (Primary 2). There is a heavy load of exams in the Paraguayan school system. I'm writing and marking exams and normal classes end next week. Eileen is building up to the end of the year events in pre-primary. She has practices everyday for the Christmas play. Hannah is taking part in this and enjoys singing to us after school everyday. We are also gearing up for our home ministry trip during December and January. We'll be visiting our link churches and spending time with family and friends. I'm currently working on the Powerpoint presentation you'll see when we visit your church. We're really looking forward to getting home to see everyone again. Sunday is Remembrance Sunday which is a big event for the expat community here. Many Engli