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Moving day

Hi all, Yesterday we moved in to the newly rented house. We woke at 6am and finished packing boxes and black bags, then had breakfast, delivered the children to their holiday club, then got the school maintenance team to start moving everything. This was painless but exhausting in the heat. By 5 pm we were done. So last night we spent our first night here. It was dreadfully hot. Even with fans at full pelt we still felt we were sleeping in a low oven. We didn't really sleep though, especially when the kids came in suffering from the heat as well. So we're pretty tired tonight. We put the Christmas tree up today which the kids loved. There are still boxes everywhere and much to do but we're getting there. Lots of love, The Trews

Photo of the new house

Well, we got the key of the house today. Here is a wee photo of where we are going to be living from next week. This is our 5th house in 5 years and our 9th move in the same time!

We have a house

Dear all Just a quick message to say that school signed the contract this morning for the house around the corner and the keys will be delivered this afternoon. They made a few amendments to the contract which school were satisfied with and we have taken digital photos of some of the less than perfect conditions. In spite of that though we are very happy and hope it will be a blessed little family home for us all. It is secure and close to school and has a nice little area out the back that we are planning to grass. Please pray that it is a hassle free move next week and that there be no more hiccups, and that we can get an aircondiioner fitted by school ASAP - it is scorching hot at the minute!!! Well much love from a hot and steamy Paraguay. Stephen, Eileen, Elijah and Hannah

Hannah and her friend Ruby


The Nursery class Christmas performance

Tonight was the Guardaria (nursery class) Christmas performance. It was a great night and Eileen was happy with how it all went. Our Hannah is in the centre.

House update

Dear all, Just a quick update on the house. It has continued to leak very badly, the landlady is uninterested in repairing it, so we are right now in the process of moving back to the school flat that we vacated only 6 weeks ago. So this will be the third move in 3 months. School is looking for another house for us, but it is an expensive area and not a lot of movement in rented houses. Unless a house is found probably within a couple of weeks we will be spending Christmas and until Feb in the flat in school. This is an extremely busy time of year for Eileen with 60 reports, 2 end of year plays and helping primary with music for their end of year services, so it has come at a bad time really. We are a little down about it all, but trying very hard to look on the positive side – perhaps God has the perfect house just waiting for us, and if we are to stay in the school flat then the kids will have a big playground! Please pray for a quick and perfect solution, we sense that the kids a

House Problems

Just a quick topic for prayer. This morning Eileen woke at 5 and said she felt water splash on her face. We looked up and water was dripping from the ceiling onto the bed. A heavy thunder storm had started a few minutes earlier and we had a leak. We checked out the rest of the house to find water pouring down the walls and dripping from the ceilings in virtually all the rooms. We moved the bed and furniture to avoid it getting soaked and a few moments afterwards in the kitchen a large part of plaster crashed to the floor and left the roof exposed to more of the flood. In the bathroom water started to pour down from the light fitting like someone had left a tap running. It began pooling on the floors and we mopped up as more poured in soaking almost entire ceilings and making them dangerously ready to collapse. At the moment all the furniture in the living room is covered with plastic in case the plaster board it caves in.This problem has occurred because of a botched repair in July-

September's prayer letter

Here is the latest Trewsnews for your reading enjoyment! We suggest you print it out and stick it up on your prayer fridge. Today was the Cultural Olympics for the secondary end of school so we can hear loud rock music from across the street as the bands practice. Primary had their sports day this morning and this afternoon is preschool dressing up day! So Eileen has her enormous Ireland hat on, my green Rugby shirt and green pigtails. Hannah is going as a fairy princess and Elijah as Tigger! Life is not dull at the moment here in Asuncion! Lots of Love,

Tragedy in Paraguay

Link: BBC News report Video: BBC News Video Yesterday just after our church had finished we realized something serious was happening when lots of ambulances went flying along the road in front of school. Then police pickup trucks acting like makeshift ambulances went past with burn victims in the back. They were going to the nearby Emergency Hospital. Ycuá Bolaños supermarket This morning the shock of the full extent of yesterday's fire disaster sunk in. Parguayan colleagues came to school with news that our Domestic Science teacher is in intensive care with life threatening burns to her lungs. Also a cleaner's brother had been killed. Later we heard a pupil from the Annex School had died with her preschool sister and cousin. Also some of the maintainance team had nephews killed. Asuncion is small enough for us to know people with family members directly affected. Reports now say 350 killed and 500 injured, perhaps 50% under 13 years old. The supermarket is about 3 mile

Email address

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May 2004 newsletter

Hi all, Hello from cool Asuncion, yes we are sitting with hot water bottles! The first cold snap of winter arrived last weekend and we are feeling the cold with temperatures of 20 Celsius. It's beautiful in the sun though, better than 40C!! We're all doing very well, but pretty busy, you can read more in the latest newsletter .