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Last day in Paraguay

The last couple of days have again been spent relaxing with special friends. Yesterday we went out with the four other mission partner teachers we worked with during our 8 years here. We'd a delicious Brazilian churrasqueria barbeque dinner, where the waiters just keep bringing more and more meat until you can't move. Today we had breakfast with Diana, who looked after Elijah and Hannah from they were babies, and now is married with her own 1 month old son. Lunch with some Paraguayan friends from school and dinner with Linn - which we just adored. Another great day. Tomorrow morning we're up at 5 am (!!) for the 8.30 flight to Montevideo, Madrid, and Dublin.

Are we illegal immigrants?

After the events of the previous day we finally arrived in Foz around 8pm. We'd taken the coach to Cuidad del Este and the regular bus across the border to Brazil. After getting off the bus we took a taxi, for what turned out to be just 5 minutes, to our guest house - the Pousada Evelina in Foz do Iguacu, which was a good choice (recommended by Footprints). As we were starving we went out for dinner to the nearest restaurant, a local place with three items on the menu and an aroma of grease. The food was tasty though and we ate a lovely meal then went to bed. The rooms in the Pousada were simple but clean, with a good hot shower. Breakfast was great and their advice on what to do for the day was excellent. So we set off for the Parque de Aves (Bird Park) first. Ana in the guest house had told us the birds are more awake in the morning. The regular bus service to the Falls and Bird Park is just 100 m from the guest house which made it dead easy. The Bird Park was fantastic

Made it to Brazil

We made it. Managed to catch the noon bus and arrived at 7 pm last night. Had a simple but delicious dinner. We're off to the falls after breakfast!

Should have been in Brazil, but we're not

Well, so far our time here has been very enjoyable. We had quality time with friends and just spent time relaxing. We'd planned to get the coach to Foz do Iguacu last night, by now we should have been in Brazil, but we're not. We were actually sitting in our seats on the bus when other passengers arrived with the same seat numbers. The driver checked our tickets and told us our tickets were for the day before! It was a midnight service, 12.15 am, and we'd asked for the Monday midnight bus, but we're sold the Monday morning tickets - confusion reigned. So we had to get off the bus with crying children and were abandonded in a freezing terminal. They offered to sell us tickets for the 1.30 am bus to Cuidad del Este (the wild west style city full of contraband) , we didn't fancy that. We taxied home and had a bit of a sleepless night. So we're back at school waiting to see if they will transfer us onto a lunchtime bus instead. We shall see.

Torrential rain

After an X-Ray(!) it turns out there are no broken bones and it's just a bad sprain. Pouring with rain today, the streets are like swollen rivers. So we grabbed a lift to the shopping centre for a lomito burger and bought some lovely Paraguayan T-shirts.

More from Paraguay

We've enjoyed the last couple of days. More time with friends and relaxing in the school flat, not going too far. We have had real quality time with our Paraguayan friends. Last night we had tea with Ruth and Tadeo, really committed, Christ-like people. We just shared about our lives and cemented a friendship that we know will last a long time. I spent an hour yesterday buying a SIM card for the phone. All new phone numbers must be registered, which took forever, and in the end it turns out we cannot text the UK with that network. Still, useful to have a local number. The kids went with all of primary to Surubii where the playing fields are. They enjoyed it but Elijah came back with a swollen wrist after a knock with a football. Today it's swollen a bit more so we have it in a sling. A visit to the doctors may be required.

Return to Paraguay

Almost 3 years to the day we've returned to Paraguay for a holiday. Back to St. Andrew's College where we worked for almost 8 years. Just two hours after arriving we cheered on Paraguay in the quarter final of the world cup. The excitement of penalties mixed with the bang of fire crackers from the neighbours meant we'll not forget it quickly. Yesterday we enjoyed a service in the English chapel. And had a lovely afternoon watching the St Andrew's female teachers team thrash two other school teams! The women here would run rings round half the professional teams back home. It was so good just to sit with old Paraguayan friends, relax and catch up. Today was the first day back in school. The kids were a bit nervous at first as they have lost most of their Spanish, but their friends are so kind and helped them settle back in really quickly. They had a really good day being back with their classes. Eil and I spent the whole day just chatting with staff and clos