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We've enjoyed the last couple of days. More time with friends and relaxing in the school flat, not going too far. We have had real quality time with our Paraguayan friends. Last night we had tea with Ruth and Tadeo, really committed, Christ-like people. We just shared about our lives and cemented a friendship that we know will last a long time.

I spent an hour yesterday buying a SIM card for the phone. All new phone numbers must be registered, which took forever, and in the end it turns out we cannot text the UK with that network. Still, useful to have a local number.

The kids went with all of primary to Surubii where the playing fields are. They enjoyed it but Elijah came back with a swollen wrist after a knock with a football. Today it's swollen a bit more so we have it in a sling. A visit to the doctors may be required.


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