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Care for Creation - final version

  The editor of the Church of Ireland Gazette  (paywall) asked me to write an article for the June edition on Care for Creation. I started an introductory article but I woke early one morning thinking it was just too bland. The Gazette needs to be a magazine of stimulating debate. So I started again. Here is the final version. If you'd like to read the first draft it's on the blog too it is  Care for Creation draft 1 , --- I’m sitting at my computer at 4 am. I had already drafted the article the Editor of the Gazette asked me to write to introduce Care for Creation. But I’ve just woken up in the middle of the night thinking ‘this has to change’, the Gazette needs to be a place of provocative debate and opinion. Here is the one part of the original article I’m keeping: Care for creation Why should we care for creation? As the Rev Dr Chris Wright puts it in his book, The Mission of God’s People, "The Bible does not begin at Genesis 3 (or end at Revelation

Care for Creation - draft 1

In an article in this week's Church of Ireland Gazette I refer to a first draft that I did not use. We'll, this is it. Care for Creation Asuncion is a hot and steamy city, and January 2007 was no exception. Giant black thunder clouds towered above us, the warm large raindrops spotted the ground and moments later the torrential downpour began. The tropical storm was so intense the road between us and the school, where we worked as missionary teachers, was soon a fast-flowing torrent of dirty water. The pools of water lay in hollows in the streets, in piles of sodden rubbish, and in the hollows of old tyres. In these humid pools mosquitoes bred. We had grown used to mosquitos, they had that high pitched buzz and irritating bite, but that April brought the ades aegypti mosquito and the epidemic of Dengue Fever, the first ever in Paraguay. We tied up mosquito nets around our beds and made sure that each morning we sprayed ourselves and our children with repellant. Dengue