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Back in Paraguay

We arrived back in Paraguay last Friday after 27 hours, 4 flights, and 5 airports. It is good to be in our own home again, even if it is hot and humid - 97%. The kids enjoyed the inflatable pool being filled today and cooled off by splashing about in it. School does not start for another week, but church is back to normal next Sunday. We're enjoying the few days rest before the balls really roll. Blessings The Trews

Back to Paraguay

We leave for Paraguay on the 26th January after 8 weeks in Ireland. If you pray for us then ask for the journey to be smooth, especially for the luggage - 8 big cases! Home ministry was good, we managed to see all our link churches and it was really good to make contact with you all. If you are from a link church why not leave a comment on the wee link below. The next week sees us unpacking and having a bit of a rest before school starts again the second week in February. We'll keep you posted and send some prayer topics in a few days. Blessings, The Trews