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Off sick today. We all are in fact, Elijah, Hannah and myself. Thankfully Eileen was not at work over the last two days and could nurse us all. We thought Han had taken food poisoning after a Mc'D's last weekend, but it turned out to be a winter vomiting virus. I cleaned up the vomit of chips beside her bed and must have infected myself. Two days incubation later I was kneeling beside the loo in the en-suite retching repeatadly, wiping down, then crawling back into bed. A few hours later Eljah joined in the fun and Eileen had to mop the decks. Two days later we are all just about recovered. New year has been good. We invested in a new patio at the back, the dog does not need bathed after every pee. Work has been going well for both of us. Eileen loves her new school and I'm enjoying seeing much of Co Tyrone and visting the farms.