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The New Routine

We have settled into the new routine of life here in Northern Ireland. Our kids have one of those under 10 year old busy schedules now. Swimming, children's clubs, after school clubs and the like. They are enjoying it all, especially the £10 bike we picked up from a charity shop for Elijah and bike a friend gave us for Hannah. Elijah's was a girl's bike, which he was not keen on, but his uncle sprayed it black so now he really likes it. Our schedules are filling up too. Eileen is taking an after school club and teaching a Spanish lesson in the school our children are going to. I'm working for SAMS, improving their website and preparing for our tour of link churches. We're also working with St. Judes, whose house we are living in. Tonight an Alpha course started and it was really excellent. About a dozen people came along simply beacuse a leaflet was put through their door. The rest had been invited through members of the church. We're also going to d

News update - where is our shipping?

Yesterday we finally received the new computer- our old one arrived with us in July in our suitcase slightly damaged, and has been a bit of a dying battle since then. We had ordered a dell but it was going to take 6 weeks after them guaranteeing delivery within 10 days so eventually steve got a refund and bought an apple which arrived yesterday. So literally after over 8 weeks here we are only now getting it sorted out. Next thing is the shipping. Should have arrived 6 weeks ago, but for a while was lost and untraceable. Last Thursay they found Argentina!!! We will be lucky if we see it before Christmas. Not a thing we can do. We went and got a bike for Elijah for 10 pounds from the local charity shop and my sister has got a handmedown from a friend of hers for Hannah so at least they will have bikes now. Mind you the one we got for E is purple with flowers on it so Eileen's brother has taken it to do a quick paint job to make it less girlie looking! There is

New School

The last couple of weeks we have continued to settle into normal life here. Enjoyed the remainder of the holiday and the short spells of sunshine between the rain. It has been the wettest summer on record here, very nice to return to! Hannah and Elijah started school last week, and it was not easy for us parents, particularly Elieen. It is the first time they have been away from us for the whole day. In Paraguay we went to school together, lunched together, and walked home as a family. Here we see them off at 9am and return to collect them at 2pm and 3pm. When you ask Elijah what he did the answer is "nothing...", typical boy's response. Hannah is a little more forthcoming at least. It is a small friendly school, just what we were looking for. They seem to be settling in quickly and making a few friends. Keep praying for them as they adjust, Stephen as he begins job hunting, and both of us as we continue working with SAMS and our link churches. Here is a pho