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New Podcast: #NoCupPlease

Coffee-culture goes counterculture ( Episodes are below) I love a freshly brewed coffee. I know you do too. You might buy one on the way to work, I like to have a lunchtime walk so that’s when I enjoy mine. But recently throwing away all these disposable cups has been bothering me. Every minute 500 coffee cups are thrown away in the UK – that is 2.5 billion cups a year! I’d like to do something about that and I thought Lent might be a good time to make a change. So I’m giving up on disposable cups and sharing the journey with you by making a podcast. I’m calling it #NoCupPlease. #NoCupPlease is a podcast experiment. I’m going to visit as many coffee shops as I can, both major chains and local coffee shops, and when I order I’m going to say something like, ‘Americano but #NoCupPlease’. I’ll record the experience as a podcast episode. I’ll be using the Anchor Podcast app on my phone to create the podcast. You can join in the experiment by installing Anchor from the AppStore


Members of St. Saviour’s Church Dollingstown in Magheralin Parish decided to ‘Show the Love’ on Sunday 11 February, just before Valentine’s Day, to raise awareness about how things we love might be affected by climate change. Whether it’s coffee, the Causeway coast, sea turtles, our grandchildren or the people of Kenya, we all love someone or something which will be affected by climate change. The changing climate is already taking a toll on vulnerable communities around the world causing, for example, drought and food shortages in East Africa and more extreme flooding and cyclones in Bangladesh. The ‘Show the Love’ campaign is organised by Christian Aid along with over 100 other organisations as part of The Climate Coalition . They call on individuals, schools, churches, clubs and societies across Ireland and the UK to ‘Show the Love’ for everything that is threatened by climate change. For more details search social media for #ShowTheLove and visit for

Sustainable Synods

Yesterday the RCB released this press article:  ' #RCBeClimateConscious #reduce #reuse – Bees, Trees, KeepCups and other Church House Dublin initiatives'  on how the Representative Body of the Church of Ireland has stepped up its commitment to Tackling Climate Change. I have to say, the RCB is now doing a decent job on tracking its steps on climate change, biodiversity and reducing pollution. The investment and pension funds are being cleaned up by removing investments from fossil fuels and the RCB's collaborative engagement muscles are being flexed by telling large corporations that they must speed up the transition to a carbon-free future. It is also encouraging that the RCB is piloting an energy audit in Down and Dromore Diocese, highlighting the joint Eco-Congregations and Bishops' Appeal #jars4journeys Lent project , and introducing bee hives (1/3 of food crops need pollination but bees are in serious decline, see ). The policy on trees: 'pl