News update - where is our shipping?

Yesterday we finally received the new computer- our old one arrived with us in July in our suitcase slightly damaged, and has been a bit of a dying battle since then. We had ordered a dell but it was going to take 6 weeks after them guaranteeing delivery within 10 days so eventually steve got a refund and bought an apple which arrived yesterday. So literally after over 8 weeks here we are only now getting it sorted out.

Next thing is the shipping. Should have arrived 6 weeks ago, but for a while was lost and untraceable. Last Thursay they found Argentina!!! We will be lucky if we see it before Christmas. Not a thing we can do. We went and got a bike for Elijah for 10 pounds from the local charity shop and my sister has got a handmedown from a friend of hers for Hannah so at least they will have bikes now. Mind you the one we got for E is purple with flowers on it so Eileen's brother has taken it to do a quick paint job to make it less girlie looking! There is a lot more cycling going on here these days with lots of safe routes to school specially designed for kids and their parents to ride in the mornings so thats why we are so keen to get their bikes.

We took delivery of the new car a week ago so that is good to get that sorted after the accident. Eileen has started driving again after almost 8 years hiatus. She found the roads exceptionally busy at first and then the accident and the hire car for 5 weeks didn't help matters.

School. Kids are settling but slowly. Its a lovely wee school with small class sizes and a family like atmosphere but...they are badly missing their Paraguayan friends. We are now entering the time when we would normally have returned to Paraguay and they are feeling things more. They are happy going out in the morning and never complain. They seem happy with their teachers... but it is tough for them at the minute. Work wise they have no problems with the homework and we have appointments to see both the teachers just to see how they are doing, what the gaps are and how we can help.

Church. Starting our visits next week and apart from that splitting our time between St. Jude's in Belfast and our home church in Monkstown. Preaching, leading worship, leading house group, involved in Alpha from next week... sounds familiar!!! All the same things only here and not there. We still really miss the chapel. We think there is a real change in culture here, even Christian culture. People are not as committed any more, there is not the same desire for worship, hardly anywhere does coffee after the service, people are literally all gone within 5 mins of church ending. it's taking us a time to adjust.

How are we? We're are doing ok. Our hearts are still in Paraguay. We are revising SAMS Ireland leaflets at the minute about the school etc. and it's strange reading all that and not being part of that any more. We are still trying to find Spanish speaking contact for the kids. We met up with an Equadorian mother and her 2 children last week (5 and 3) but they have been here a year and the kids don't speak spanish any more. So that was disappointing, although we had a nice time talking with her. They are with the Belfast Bible college here and she is trying to find some others for us to meet up with. There is a monthly service in Spanish so we are planning to go to that in October.


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