New School

The last couple of weeks we have continued to settle into normal life here. Enjoyed the remainder of the holiday and the short spells of sunshine between the rain. It has been the wettest summer on record here, very nice to return to!

Hannah and Elijah started school last week, and it was not easy for us parents, particularly Elieen. It is the first time they have been away from us for the whole day. In Paraguay we went to school together, lunched together, and walked home as a family. Here we see them off at 9am and return to collect them at 2pm and 3pm. When you ask Elijah what he did the answer is "nothing...", typical boy's response. Hannah is a little more forthcoming at least. It is a small friendly school, just what we were looking for. They seem to be settling in quickly and making a few friends. Keep praying for them as they adjust, Stephen as he begins job hunting, and both of us as we continue working with SAMS and our link churches.

Here is a photo of the first day at school:


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