The New Routine

We have settled into the new routine of life here in Northern Ireland. Our kids have one of those under 10 year old busy schedules now. Swimming, children's clubs, after school clubs and the like. They are enjoying it all, especially the £10 bike we picked up from a charity shop for Elijah and bike a friend gave us for Hannah. Elijah's was a girl's bike, which he was not keen on, but his uncle sprayed it black so now he really likes it.

Our schedules are filling up too. Eileen is taking an after school club and teaching a Spanish lesson in the school our children are going to. I'm working for SAMS, improving their website and preparing for our tour of link churches. We're also working with St. Judes, whose house we are living in. Tonight an Alpha course started and it was really excellent. About a dozen people came along simply beacuse a leaflet was put through their door. The rest had been invited through members of the church. We're also going to do some servant evangelism over the next few weeks with both Monkstown, our home church, and St. Judes.


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