House update

Dear all,

Just a quick update on the house. It has continued to leak very badly, the landlady is uninterested in repairing it, so we are right now in the process of moving back to the school flat that we vacated only 6 weeks ago. So this will be the third move in 3 months. School is looking for another house for us, but it is an expensive area and not a lot of movement in rented houses. Unless a house is found probably within a couple of weeks we will be spending Christmas and until Feb in the flat in school. This is an extremely busy time of year for Eileen with 60 reports, 2 end of year plays and helping primary with music for their end of year services, so it has come at a bad time really. We are a little down about it all, but trying very hard to look on the positive side – perhaps God has the perfect house just waiting for us, and if we are to stay in the school flat then the kids will have a big playground! Please pray for a quick and perfect solution, we sense that the kids are a little unsettled by it all at the minute and they are usually very relaxed

Plaster falling down in the kitchen due to the rain pouring in.


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