House Problems

Just a quick topic for prayer.

This morning Eileen woke at 5 and said she felt water splash on her face. We looked up and water was dripping from the ceiling onto the bed. A heavy thunder storm had started a few minutes earlier and we had a leak. We checked out the rest of the house to find water pouring down the walls and dripping from the ceilings in virtually all the rooms. We moved the bed and furniture to avoid it getting soaked and a few moments afterwards in the kitchen a large part of plaster crashed to the floor and left the roof exposed to more of the flood. In the bathroom water started to pour down from the light fitting like someone had left a tap running. It began pooling on the floors and we mopped up as more poured in soaking almost entire ceilings and making them dangerously ready to collapse. At the moment all the furniture in the living room is covered with plastic in case the plaster board it caves in.This problem has occurred because of a botched repair in July-September when we moved everything out of the house so the landlady could fix small leaks. After we moved back we found the problem was worse than before. Currently more workmen are replacing the guttering but they heavy rain this morning overloaded them and water spilled under the corrugated roof and onto the plaster ceiling.So please pray it does not rain over the next few days so the guttering work can be finished and the roof fixed properly. If there is more heavy rain and more ceiling collapses we will have to move out urgently.

Hope you're dry,

The Trews


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