Sustainable Synods

Yesterday the RCB released this press article: '#RCBeClimateConscious #reduce #reuse – Bees, Trees, KeepCups and other Church House Dublin initiatives' on how the Representative Body of the Church of Ireland has stepped up its commitment to Tackling Climate Change.

I have to say, the RCB is now doing a decent job on tracking its steps on climate change, biodiversity and reducing pollution. The investment and pension funds are being cleaned up by removing investments from fossil fuels and the RCB's collaborative engagement muscles are being flexed by telling large corporations that they must speed up the transition to a carbon-free future.

It is also encouraging that the RCB is piloting an energy audit in Down and Dromore Diocese, highlighting the joint Eco-Congregations and Bishops' Appeal #jars4journeys Lent project, and introducing bee hives (1/3 of food crops need pollination but bees are in serious decline, see The policy on trees: 'plant two trees for every one cut down on church property' is good, but do Diocesan Council's really follow up on this after they approve requests for tree removals?
Church House is also reducing plastic waste by ditching the single-use coffee cup. They now encourage staff to use a KeepCup at local coffee shops and in the office. An example to all of us.

Perhaps General Synod in Armagh should build on the #jars4journeys initiative and have 'Bishops' Appeal buckets' to support those affected by climate change. Plastic waste could be reduced by serving hot drinks in compostable cups or by selling reusable KeepCups. The 2018 Church of Ireland General Synod could even start a new trend for 'Sustainable Synods'.


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