New Podcast: #NoCupPlease

Coffee-culture goes counterculture (Episodes are below)

I love a freshly brewed coffee. I know you do too. You might buy one on the way to work, I like to have a lunchtime walk so that’s when I enjoy mine.

But recently throwing away all these disposable cups has been bothering me. Every minute 500 coffee cups are thrown away in the UK – that is 2.5 billion cups a year! I’d like to do something about that and I thought Lent might be a good time to make a change. So I’m giving up on disposable cups and sharing the journey with you by making a podcast. I’m calling it #NoCupPlease.

#NoCupPlease is a podcast experiment. I’m going to visit as many coffee shops as I can, both major chains and local coffee shops, and when I order I’m going to say something like, ‘Americano but #NoCupPlease’. I’ll record the experience as a podcast episode.

I’ll be using the Anchor Podcast app on my phone to create the podcast. You can join in the experiment by installing Anchor from the AppStore or PlayStore, search for the #NoCupPlease station and make it a favorite. You can listen to episodes below or via the Anchor app. Why not Call in and leave a message about your own experience where you live. I’ll also link the station to podcast distribution services like iTunes.

I like to have a lunchtime walk so I’ll be commenting on how easy it is to bring a reusable cup with me. I’d love to hear your ideas and reviews on which is the best reusable cups.

So listen to #NoCupPlease, listen to episodes below or subscribe to the Podcast from Apple (see below) and we’ll see if coffee culture can go counter-culture.


Do Costa, McDonalds, Greggs, Subway and many other coffee shops pass the #NoCupPlease test? Listen on


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