Primary show and power surges

Today is the Primary performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Our Elijah and Hannah are both taking part and it is really spectacular. Costumes and sets are very colourful - there are even special effects when Mike Teevee shrinks and appears in the television! Our kids have really enjoyed it and are singing the songs all the time in the house. Andy and Joe Perrson produced it all along with Babs. The Perssons are also leaving in 10 days time, so it was quite a lot to do in their last few weeks. Babs of course had to go back to Wales last week to be with her family.

We've just had the internet put back on in school after 3 days cut off. There was a power surge that killed several electrical items, including literally melting a 4-way adapter, and frying the phone lines. The phone provider here is a nationalized company and takes days to do anything. The connection was just restored a few minutes ago.

It's just a week to go until we leave. We're going round the house clearing out every room at the minute. Everything is either being packed, given away, or binned. The house is rented and has to be totally cleared before next Friday. We also have a few leaving parties over the next few days, so it's a busy time.


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