4 Weeks to Go

On Saturday we have just 4 weeks left in Paraguay. The last couple of weeks have been busy with 'despedias' (leaving parties), and continuing to organize the house for shipping in two weeks time. It's starting to feel imminently close now. When we think of leaving the close friends we have here it makes us fill up with emotion. We work and socialize with our colleagues. We go to church with them and our children are at school together. It would be hard to have friends you spend more time with.

Yesterday I had a job interview for a Christian job with a mission agency in Northern Ireland. I connected to the interview panel over Skype and had to present a Power Point remotely (simultaneously starting it on a computer in Belfast and here in Asunción), preach a sermon to a webcam, and answer questions for an hour and a half. I was exhausted afterwards. It's a defining moment for our future. If God wants us to continue in Christian work related to mission this is it. If not he has other plans for us. It's in his hands...

Update - Didn't get the job, but I was happy with how it all went.


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