Woman's world day of prayer

Thursday was the Woman's World Day of Prayer, this year for South Africa. Eileen was asked if she could play the piano for the worship as the musician had been injured in a car accident! It was all a bit last minute and in the end she did not have to as another Paraguayan lady stood in. It went very well with good attendance and interesting news from South Africa where the major prayer issues are Aids, Rape of women and girls (witchdoctors recommend it as cure for AIDS), and Malaria.

Next Year the country being looked at and prayed for is Paraguay. We
have had contact from Marlene Moore in Northern Ireland who is on the UK
committee. She asked for photos showing life in Paraguay. Some of them
might be used for WWDOP publications.

I'll post the photos we've sent as they give a good over view of what
Paraguay is like.


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