Synod 2006

We've had a busy couple of weeks (what's new).  With all the activities of family life plus teaching full time and organizing church.  Last week we seemed to leave school then head straight to a birthday party, or after school activity, or the doctors...  Hannah had a mild infection.  It was also Stephen's birthday on Sunday we we though a wee party for that.

This weekend sees the Synod which runs from Thursday through to Sunday.  We shall be giving a wee report on our church over the last two years and outline our vision for this year.  It's a good time to get an overview of the work of the Anglican church in Paraguay as there are reports from the Chaco, Concepción, Asunción and even Formosa in Argentina.

We'll be having some visitors this Sunday in church from the Synod.  It's a family service which will be interesting.  Especially as our services are in English and the visitors only speak Spanish. 

Meanwhile school continues.  Eileen has been doing about the House on the Rock with the wee ones and they always finish at the end of the day singing and skipping out of the classroom.  In one of my secondary classes we have been looking at Creation vs Evolution and trying to get the young people to back up what they believe in.  Interesting as they often just have a belief but no arguments to back it up.

All for now,
The Trews


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