Jobs, homes, and pets

It has been an eventful month - interviews, job offer, home offer, new pet - lots of emotional ups and downs.

I had a job interview in February for a job with the Department of Agriculture in Loughry. It was for an Advisor in Countryside Management, something I was interested in way back during university days. Before the interview I discovered there were 37 candidates, so I thought my chances were next to nill. I was trying a door, if I was meant to take this job it would be a miracle if I was offered it. A week later I received a rejection letter.

A couple of weeks later I was in Cork visiting some churches. Eileen phoned to say I'd a job offer from the same people who rejected me a couple of weeks earlier. I'd come second and another post had come up straightaway. I knew straightaway I was meant to take it. Now I'm waiting for security clearance, which is taking months. I still don't know when my starting date is.

Meanwhile we'd also put an offer in on a house, using Co-ownership. It was close to the kids school and meant we could settle around here. But then Co-ownership refused new applications and we are still unsure if we'll be able to buy the house we have the offer on.

Eileen was excited when she applied for a Spanish primary tutors job. She was offered a post, one of 50, but it turns out there are only three hours a week available! So she is still looking for permanent work.

In the middle of all this we feel the emotional ups and downs, it's stressful not knowing exactly where we will be living and when the permanent work will start.

One definite highlight of the last month has been our new puppy - Mima, a Chocolate Labrador. We just love her to bits, even though she snores.


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