New House

After we arrived on Sunday we hoped we'd have a few days to get over the jet lag and relax. Not a chance. Monday morning we met with Denis Johnston for a debrief, then we met with Elaine Hutchinson who is going out to teach in St. Andrew's on the 13th July. Then around lunchtime we were told we had to move furniture into our new house. So all afternoon, in the rain, we started moving house. Every day since we have been over cleaning, getting boxes from attics, sorting and using an industrial carpet cleaner we hired. Tonight we are exhausted.

We experienced a few little reverse culture shock items. First it's strange getting used to daylight at 10pm, we haven't seen long summer nights in eight years. Secondly, we cannot get use to all the modern menu filled mobile phones people use here. It took us three days to finally get one working properly.

Here are some little photos of our new house.


Unknown said…
Hi. How are you all?? Can't believe you've been so virtually absent 4 so long...
Missing you all...

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