Small Group Bible Study

Every Wednesday we have a small group Bible study with a mixture of Paraguayans and Missionaries from our church. For a couple of months now we've been studying the Miracles of Jesus in the Gospels. It has been one of the most stimulating Bible Study Groups we've been part of for a long time. Mainly due to the excellent study questions prepared by our friend and colleague Billy Blair from SAMS Ireland. We really get in deep through his verse-by-verse questions.

Niven and Lucy Bull and Ed Houghton have been great assets for the Bible Study; they are volunteers who have been in Paraguay for about 6 months. The Bulls return to the UK in two weeks and Ed a few weeks later, we're going to miss them.

After these volunteers return we have only about a month left ourselves! Considering the enormous change coming we feel quite calm and peaceful about it. We can see God at work in our sorting and planning and we're looking forward to the next chapter he has for our lives.


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