Strange winter

This winter has been a strange one. We'd hardly had any cold weather at
all, temperatures stayed in the mid 30s through all of July. Then last
week it dropped, we had 4 degrees in the mornings and the maximum was
13. This week it is back to 36. This is more like mid summer weather

Last Saturday Eileen had the toy library again and 50 children came
along to play with good educationally stimulating toys - something they
would never get the chance to anywhere else. The children who come are
street children, they get a shower and some breakfast then have time to
play. They just love it.

In church we are planning some shared lunches, aiming to invite some new
teachers who recently came to the American school. Then later we hope
to have another Alpha course. We pray we might make the contacts and be
able to invite new people to church and the course.


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