Exams and the end of the year

November sees exam time in St. Andrew's College Asunción. In secondary
the students are in the middle of their international GCSEs and primary
exams start on Friday. Elijah is busy revising, and he is only in 1st
grade (Primary 2). There is a heavy load of exams in the Paraguayan
school system. I'm writing and marking exams and normal classes end
next week.

Eileen is building up to the end of the year events in pre-primary. She
has practices everyday for the Christmas play. Hannah is taking part in
this and enjoys singing to us after school everyday.

We are also gearing up for our home ministry trip during December and
January. We'll be visiting our link churches and spending time with
family and friends. I'm currently working on the Powerpoint
presentation you'll see when we visit your church. We're really looking
forward to getting home to see everyone again.

Sunday is Remembrance Sunday which is a big event for the expat
community here. Many English speaking visitors come to church so it is
a good opportunity to welcome people who do not normally come. Please
pray for this service that God might open hearts to hear the gospel.


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