Getting busy

The end of the school year here seems to start in September. Three
months before the actual end of the year. It begins with Sports Days.
It was Hannah's last week, Elijah has his on Friday. Yesterday it was
Secondary's turn in the school sports grounds 20 miles outside the city
centre. It was a beautiful sunny day and a perfect day for sports.
Also starting this week are the IGCSE Exam practicals. Both
international and Paraguayan exams continue until the end of November.
It's a very long exam period.

Eileen is practising with some primary children for a choir competition
in a couple of weeks and gearing up for Christmas performances too.
Then she has end of year reports to being to write. She has also been
involved in a Purpose Driven Life group that the school is going to
provide for parents soon.

Last week our school also helped to repair and paint a local state
school. Many of the young people and children went down dressed in old
clothes and got stuck in painting the Cubas School. It was one of the
most dilapidated school buildings you would ever see. After a day's
painting by everyone it was restored and the principal said it was
better than new. They had a thanks giving service yesterday. I'll get
some photos and put them on-line soon.

Our church small group starts again tomorrow and there is good interest
in this and another Alpha that we hope to do next year. Numbers are
still low in the services after families moved on in July, but we are
picking up new people gradually.

So keep praying for the St. Andrew's College Asunción, and the work of
the English speaking Anglican church here.


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