Friends moving on

Today in church we had three families leave. They are moving on to other parts of the world with their jobs. It was a time to reflect and for them to share how their lives had changed over the two years they had been with us.

It was amazing actually. Jeff and Maria are moving onto Switzerland. Jeff shared how he had really come to a serious commitment to Christ. He had done an Alpha course last year and it really spurred him onto to reading his Bible daily and taking his faith seriously. They are looking for an Anglican church in Zurich now.

Jeff and Maria

Christine is moving back to London. She said how she had initially come simply for social contract with English speakers. Now she is leaving with a real sense of commitment and has made contact with a Christian group in her new job and wants to do an Alpha course pretty soon. It was all very encouraging.

What have we learnt through this? Being a friend is the most important thing in sharing you faith. Being natural and allowing faith in Christ to be a normal part of everyday life means others will see the difference it makes. Also, small groups, especially Alpha, are really powerful ways to allow people to open up, ask questions and say what they think. When they open up, Christ begins to work in their lives.


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