The return of the Irish

Yesterday we dropped Denis and Andrew off at the airport for their
return to Irish soil. We managed to spend more time with them than we
first thought, thanks to the generosity of our school principal who gave
us time off school.

On Thursday I went with them to a community way across the Paraguay
River called Remansito. It used to be a shanty town but has matured
over the years and now has brick built homes with the occasional shack.
We saw the new Anglican church in Remansito which various teams from
Ireland and England have built over the last three years. It was really
good to see the finished church. I'll try to get some photos on-line soon.

Then on Tuesday Eileen was able to visit Zeballous Cue with them. This
is where a team from Ireland will visit in July and do some construction
work for the church there. It is also a poorer area on the fringes of
the city. It is a community badly affected by the supermarket fire in
Asunción last year.

It goes without saying the craic was brilliant with Denis and Andrew.
They treated us to a great Chinese meal (they went back again a few
nights later), and we had such a laugh with them. I also discovered
that Andrew is a long lost relation! Small world.


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