Laptop trashed

Imagine the scene - an almost 2 year old toddler finds himself alone in the
bedroom where the notebook computer is kept. The lid is open, 'I have a
chance to play with it', he thinks! 'There is a glass of water sitting
beside the bed, lets bring that over as well. Hummmm... how do you turn
this on, this button here? It worked, it's coming on! I wonder what will
happen if I pour this water over it....'

This was the scene Eileen walked into yesterday. Eiljah was standing on a
chair with an empty cup in his hand, he had just poured it over the computer
he had turned on. Eileen saw the screen go blank and then it was dead. So
our computer is broken. As a result it's unlikely you will receive a paper
version of TrewNews this month. Its good we are still to be able to send and
receive mail from one of the school computers, but we won't be able to talk
to any of you over the computer. We are looking to shipping it home for
repair, or buying a new one here - it's going to be an expensive mistake.

Despite this we are doing well. The new term has started well and Stephen
is rushing around trying to be more organized this year with twice the
number of classes. Eileen is trying to slow down as her pregnancy is
progressing and her bump develops. She wore a 'Baby under construction'
T-shirt last weekend which everyone loved. Next week we go to see the
doctor for a 21 week scan. The baby is due on the 4th of July.

At home in Northern Ireland our house is without tenants and if none are
found soon we need to sell our house. We've placed a house for rent advert
in the Belfast Telegraph twice but without success. We have total peace
about selling however, and know that it is all in God's hands and He is in

Life in church is going well and both of us are looking to get involved in a
new training initiative for lay people the Anglican church in Paraguay is
starting. This will involve us taking a Bible course in Spanish over this
year, so we are looking forward to this challenge very much.

That's all we're time for now. Sorry it's a bit short but we wanted to keep
you up to date.


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