TrewsNews - July 2000

Attempted Coup
Just after we sent out the last prayer letter there was an attempted coup here in Paraguay on May 19th. It started at around 9 p.m. and continued through the night. We knew absolutely nothing of it until a call from home at 6 a.m. the next morning to see if we were alright! The coup had been organised by some dissident military units and was quickly put down by the rest of the army and airforce. For thirty days afterwards there was a state of emergency where any gathering, including church services, were technically illegal. Like everyone else in the county we just lived life as usual except we carried our passports at all times.

Teaching and Language Study
Our involvement in school has increased over the last few months. Stephen has been helping with Soul Survivor, a regular meeting on Wednesday lunch times to encourage the young people in their faith. Term finished on the 8th of July for two weeks holiday. Almost all the other missionaries flew off to various parts of the world but we stayed put and took a language course. This was with Nidia (pictured), the teacher who tutored us soon after we arrived except this time Elijah was minded by our baby sitter when we went to the class. We managed 5 hours a day on language for two weeks and we think this has made a big difference.

The Weather
The last few months it has really cooled down. In fact Paraguay is having it's coldest winter on record. Near Bolivia it went down to -7 celsius, here is Asuncion it reached -3. Without heating or any insulation the houses are very cold at night time and we have had three pairs of pyjamas on Elijah sometimes. There are big daily changes here too, just recently it warmed up again, so we are getting a maximum of 26 and low of 3 degrees each day. On a few days there was a frost that has hit agriculture very bad adding to the difficult economic situation that exists here.

Elijah's Editorial
I can walk easily now and sometimes even run. My favourite word is 'Bye'. Whenever mummy or daddy go out I always wave at them and say 'Bye'. I also like to say 'woof-woof' when I hear doggies outside. Sometimes I go for a walk and have a look at the dogs behind their gates. I like to play football and chase games with mummy and daddy. My favourite TV programme is Telletubbies, I like to sing and dance to the music - mummy and daddy laugh a lot when I do this.

Prayer topics

1. Managing in the cold
2. That more young people will make commitments
3. Leading worship in church
4. Teaching


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