The Trews have landed

We have arrived online eventually!!! Life in Paraguay definitely does
not move in the fast lane, although we are now up and running after a
difficult call to technical support in Spanish. (Aren't you

We arrived safely last Wednesday after an extremely long journey -
about 38 hours. Thankfully Elijah slept for a good bit although it was
difficult for us to rest with him balancing on our knees. We had a 10
hour stopover in Miami which was bad because it was the middle of the
night for us but only afternoon for them. We had got Elijah over to
sleep when a very rude security woman insisted we lift him out of the
pram so she could push it through the gate. He then promptly woke up
and we were very cross. Enough about grumpy officials!!

The principal of the school was at Ascuncion to meet us which was just
as well because we were so tired we could hardly even see let alone
negotiate or bribe foreign customs in a language we couldn't speak. We
actually managed to get through with them only having a very quick
glance in one case. The school principal - John - told us to walk
through as if we owned the place so we did our best and it worked.
Mind you I prefer to believe that there were a few angels floating
about!! In the end no money changed hands- a real answer to prayer. It
is worth praying about our crate though because some friends told us
they had to spend £400 to get their crate through customs. I don't
know what they had in theirs but ours is not remotely that value so if
they ask us for that amount then they can keep it!!! Anyway if anyone
can get it to us quickly and with little cost then God can so pray!!

John brought us straight to our wee apartment which is on the second
floor. It has basic furniture and some very basic kitchen equipment
but we are having to buy a fair amount to supplement it. Most things
like that are cheap and we brought money with us to cover setting up
home. There is a living area with a kitchen combined, 2 bedrooms and a
small showerroom. The floors are all tiled which is great for hygiene
and keeping cool but definitely not great for wriggling babies who soon
becoming crawling and falling toddlers!! We also have a lovely balcony
running the length of the apartment which is covered so quite safe
apart from the Elijah sized gap running all along the bottom. We are
going to get the school to board up the gap so that should not be too
much of a problem. All the windows have mosquito screens so that helps
with bugs.

Since we arrived we have had lots of rain and some very cool
temperatures, very unusual for this time of year. People think we got
the weather arranged just to help us acclimatise but we're not that
spiritual!! It has been hot at other times though so we are getting a
bit if a chance to adjust.

The week of language introduction in England was good, intensive and
should help us when we start for real this week some time. It
certainly makes us feel very vulnerable not being able to communicate
so we're praying God really helps us learn quickly and efficiently.

Elijah's news is that he got not just 1 but 2 teeth the day we left
England for Paraguay. They are on the bottom and needless to say are
absolutely gorgeous. He has settled extremely well considering the
circumstances and we are praying that God continues to protect and
bless him.

It does not feel like home yet but hopefully it won't be long. We have
lots of photos up and all our leaving cards.We have worship music on
all the time so that is helping. We are starting to make friends and we
know God is really looking after us so we're not on our own.


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