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National Taiwan College of Physical Education in Asuncion

Last night we went to a spectular evening of Chinese dance and acrobatics. The National Taiwan College of Physical Education came and the students did some fantastic dances and physical feats - juggling, contorsions, unicycling acrobatics. I didn't bring a camera but here is a picture of the same dancers.

Parents' Sports Evenings

Last Thursday and Friday the school held a Parents Sports tournament. There were footballs and volleyball tournaments with the parents playing for their children's coloured team. Great fun was had bey everyone who took part and money was raised for more repairs on the Cubas school.

Also the staff member who was shot is recovering after an operation to remove the bullet from his thigh.

St. Andrew's Staff member shot

Last night a member of St. Andrew's maintenance staff was shot when
riding home on his motorbike. Some teachers and staff members had just
been to the Paraguay vs. Columbia World Cup qualifier. Teofolo was on
his way home to a town several miles out of Asunción when someone shot
him as he passed by. They were attempting to steal his bike. At the
moment he is in hospital having an operation to remove the bullet from
his thigh. Please pray and thank God that it was not worse and the
operation will be simple and without complications.

Hot weather returns

It's extremely hot here today, the official temperature is 38C. That is
recorded at the airport which is outside the city. It's probably nearly
40 where we are. At this time of the year the sun is extremely
brilliant too. The tropical summer is approaching.

TrewsNews October 2005

Our latest newsletter has just been published on-line.  Please download a copy and print it out.  If you would like to subscribe to the email list to receive the prayer letter go to to and click the 'Join this Group' link above the photo.

Choir result and flooded roads

The school did not come first or second in the choir competition. The
children really enjoyed it however, and felt they did well just to take
part in a competition of very high standard. We went in our new car on Saturday morning and ended up driving through
foot deep floods! Torrential rain and poor storm drains meant the water
was up to the chassis. We survived without breaking down but managed to
get a bit lost and a 15 minute journey ended up taking 1 hour!

SAMS Ireland website

SAMS Ireland have a new website and logo. Please have a look

Choir competition

Tonight there is a national schools' choir competition in Asunción and
Eileen is conducting a primary choir from our school. Last year when
they entered the same competition they came third. Eileen had a bit of
a surprise when she turned up at the large Concordia church to find a
thousand people and a grand piano on the stage! At least she knows what
to expect this year.