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Please pray

Eileen's mum was rushed by ambulance to hospital yesterday with massive
internal bleeding. She was stabilized and has several blood
transfusions. The doctors will investigate the cause of the bleeding
after the weekend. Needless to say it was a bit of a shock to get this
news, so please pray for Eileen's mum (also called Eileen) and the rest
of the family.

Family photo

Family photo
Originally uploaded by stephentrew. Here is a photo of us outside church in August 2005.

The Weather and more visitors

Paraguay has some dramatic changes in weather during winter. Last
Friday it was 38 Celsius, it dropped to 24 on Saturday and 14 degrees on
Monday. This morning there was frost and it was 4 degrees. We have two
jumpers and a fleece on and it still feels cold. Last Friday we wore
shorts and T-Shirt.Some more visitors from Northern Ireland arrived last Friday (and
commented how hot it was!). They are now freezing in Conception with
our SAMS Ireland colleagues, Claire and Alison. Among the visitors is
Hannah Collins. She is a great friend who worked with Eileen in
preschool for a year. She returned to Ireland in February 2004 when her
dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This is her first time back in
Paraguay since then. She went up with the team to Conception on Friday
and is coming to stay with us later tonight. It will be great to catch up.Secondary exams started yesterday so there is a large pile of maths
papers I need to mark.